Accordion Partitions

Transforming a space is simple with accordion partitions. Accordion partitions are a perfect choice for those looking to control their space division needs with a quality product at a great value. For interior use only, accordion partitions are most commonly used in classrooms, restaurants, clinics, religious venues and many other applications.

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This namesake product provides high-quality space division capabilities when only sight division is required. In addition to providing straight “wall-to-wall” runs, Modernfold® accordion partitions can be curved or serpentine. The all-steel frame provides durability but is still lightweight, only requiring minimal support.


When sound attenuation is needed, Soundmaster® accordion partitions are the ideal application. Steel paneled sound liners covered in fabric provide acoustic ratings of 39 and 40 STC. Durability is provided by the system’s patented three-dimensional welded steel frame and robust construction.

Accordion Partition