FEMA & Wind Rated Doors

Designed to withstand significant wind pressure and impact FEMA and wind-rated doors allow the creation of safe rooms and storm shelters for optimum protection from wind and wind-borne debris. Available finishes include powder coat and stainless steel. Optional fire and smoke ratings are available with some series.

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McKeon SafeSpace 500 Series

The SafeSpace™ 500 Door System allows for natural light and multi-purpose functionality in safe rooms and storm shelters and still meets FEMA 361 (3rd Edition) and ICC 500 (2014) Construction Standards. Its wide span engineering technology provides protection for multiple openings and is available in widths from 4’ 4” to 16’ 4” and heights 4’ 0” to 18’ 0” so as not to restrict the size of windows or other openings. This series comes in multiple finishes including standard gray, powder coat selected from a full range of RAL colors, or stainless steel.

In accordance with ASTM E330, the SafeSpace 500 has Design Wind Pressure (DWP) of 200 PSF (subjected to 240 PSF or, 1.2 times the DWP) which is in accordance with ASTM E330. The 500 series can also withstand a large missile impact in accordance with ASTM E1886 for FEMA 361 assemblies.

If you require fire and smoke protection, the SafeSpace 500F and 500F-IS are available with up to a 3-hour UL 10B fire rating and UL 1784 smoke rating. There is also optional insulated design for thermal protection.

McKeon Dynamic 110

The Dynamic 110™ Door System featuring the durable McKeon wide span opening protective door assembly can sustain wind loads of up to 110 mph and has been tested and certified for door assemblies up to 30’ wide. Maintained operation during sustained wind loads offers the flexibility to use these door assemblies in virtually any structure in any application. This system is for use in unlimited heights and comes in multiple finishes including standard gray, powder coat selected from a full range of RAL colors or stainless steel.

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