Elevator Smoke Protection

Provide smoke protection with a code-compliant smoke and draft control magnet-based gasketing system. When used in conjunction with common fire-rated hoistway doors these assemblies eliminate the need for an enclosed elevator lobby as prescribed by the International Building Code (IBC). The Elevator Smoke Protection system includes a manual egress with less than 15 pounds of pressure at the film boundary or via a screen-mounted push button tied into the general building power. This system is equipped with a failsafe deployment on detection of smoke or a power failure. All units include a transparent screen in compliance with ASME A17.1 elevator code. Other applicable standards and codes include UL 864, UL 1784 and NFPA 105.

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Elevator Smoke Protection Solution Smoke Guard M200

Smoke Guard M200

Smoke Guard’s M200 features standard full-length auxiliary rails and
is available in 42” or 48” width x 10’ height.

Smoke Guard M400

The M400 has optional rails and features an automatic door closer and is available in minimum width of 3’ and maximum of width of 5’ at 10’ high and 4’3” at 12’ high.

Elevator Smoke Protection Solutions Smoke Guard M400
Elevator Smoke Protection Solutions Smoke Guard M600

Smoke Guard M600

For unparalleled design freedom look no further than Smoke Guard’s M600 Smoke Curtain. With customizable dimensions to seal nearly any hoistway opening, the M600 also features optional auxiliary rails, automatic door closure, battery power backup and external indicators that activate if a fault is detected. The M600 is available in minimum width of 3’ and maximum width of 8’ at 10’ high.