Flexible Workspaces Are Just What We Need Post-Pandemic

For the past 18 months, we’ve had to adapt to new ways of getting work done. As COVID restrictions around the U.S. begin to lift, for many, that means a return to the office full time. However, some companies experienced great success with employees at home and are maintaining that flexibility for employees post-pandemic. As businesses transition from working from home back to days spent in the office, it is important for companies to create flexible workspaces to accommodate the changing work landscape and optimize office space.

Employers must work to accommodate employees who missed collaborative aspects of office life and those who prefer to work more independently.

What is a Flexible Workspace and Why is it Necessary?

As the name suggests, flexible workspaces are designed to flex depending on the specific needs of the organization. As the needs of a company and its employees change, their office space needs to easily transform as well. The contemporary designs of flexible workspaces allow for open office plans with co-working spaces, in addition to giving employees the ability to get work done in a space that benefits them.

Implementing a flexible workspace offers many benefits that traditional offices simply can’t. In today’s environment, it’s important that employees have options to differentiate how they work. Cubicles separate employees from collaboration opportunities, whereas flexible spaces enable employees to gather for meetings and projects. Giving employees the choice to work in spaces that better fit their needs has been shown to increase productivity and improve workplace culture.

How Can I Create a Flexible Workspace?

There are a number or products on the market that can easily transform traditional office space into a more flexible environment including moveable walls and accordion partitions. Vertical folding technology allows walls to retract into the ceiling for a seamless transformation whether you are expanding or dividing space.

Vertical Folding Walls

Vertical folding walls from Skyfold disappear into the ceiling within minutes to create an open and collaborative space for larger groups. For smaller groups or one-on-one meetings, the wall easily folds back down to create privacy and separation.

Easily separate meeting spaces with the Skyfold Zenith 55 wall.

Horizontal Folding Walls

Operable walls can differentiate an open space for group work from a private meeting space.

However, you choose to optimize your office space upon the return of employees, Modernfold Chicago is the premier Chicagoland distributor for all of your needs. For more examples of our products in action, check out our Gallery and Modernfold Chicago Testimonials.