Modern Solutions: Acoustic Comfort in the Workplace

Most workplaces have a set of standards to evaluate productivity and success. Whether your company chooses a specific layout to promote collaboration or is more focused on individual tasks, there is one common factor that impacts employees’ focus: noise.

Sure, employees working independently can use music or noise-cancelling headphones to drown out the sounds of co-workers, but what if there was another way to help minimize distractions?

Enter: acoustic comfort. Through mindful configuration of office spaces, classrooms, or other collaborative settings, acoustic comfort ensures that the environment is free of distractions and promotes productivity.

We may not notice when a space has been designed with acoustic comfort in mind. But we sure can tell when it hasn’t. Especially when it comes to indoor spaces, factors like loud neighbors, air conditioners, and mixed-use buildings can cause acoustic discomfort.

When acoustic comfort has been put into consideration, specialty materials are used to block out unwanted noise. Soundproofing the exterior world involves materials that reflect or absorb sound waves. To achieve more sound absorption, it’s important to use materials like glass wool, acoustic foam, or wood fiber acoustic panels.

As Chicago’s premiere specialty subcontractor, Modernfold Chicago represents the best products in space management. When your space has specific acoustic needs, MFC offers a variety of multi-functional products to help you create a productive environment that caters to each employee’s overall wellbeing. We carry several products from a well-known manufacturer, Skyfold Inc. that are made with acoustics in mind.

Skyfold Zenith Series

These custom moveable walls are created to meet specific design needs and provide phenomenal acoustics. Whether it be soundproofing or sound absorption you require, the Zenith Series has a variety of products to meet your needs. These made-to-last systems have industry-leading STC ratings, ranging from 48-60, and are built with lightweight panels for easy operation.

Skyfold Zenith Series for Acoustic Comfort

Skyfold Zenith Series for Acoustic Comfort

Skyfold Classic Series

Each product in the Skyfold Classic Series was developed to meet the acoustic challenges of all spaces. From offices to auditoriums, these operable walls are perfect for separating spaces and creating excellent acoustics. Acoustic ratings for the classic systems range from 50-60. Each wall is fully automatic, easy to use, and boasts quiet operation, which further promotes acoustic comfort.



Aside from their own products. Skyfold also highlights products such as sound-absorbing furniture and acoustic ceiling baffles in this blog. Using specialty products alongside Skyfold partitions and dividers is a surefire way to promote acoustic comfort in any space.

To achieve prime productivity and foster general wellbeing, acoustic comfort is essential! Contact our operable wall experts to learn more and let us know how we can help you create an acoustically comfortable environment.