Behind the Design: Modernfold Chicago Brand Gets a Refresh

When President Danny Watson purchased Modernfold Chicago in 1992, he had a clear vision for the company. Danny wanted to create long-lasting relationships with the customers he worked with by earning their trust and confidence. Because to him, it wasn’t just about making a sale. Most importantly, it was about making connections.

Thirty years later, that philosophy remains the foundation of Modernfold Chicago. This simple philosophy also served as our inspiration as we embarked on a brand refresh. And after months of working hard to create something that represents who we are and what we do, we’re excited for the big reveal.

The Essence of Who We Are

“Collaboration that moves you.”

This simple yet bold statement captures the essence of Modernfold Chicago and is at the core of our brand. Over the past thirty years, we’ve earned a reputation for being more than just your operable wall expert. We’re the partner you can trust to provide the highest quality products and solutions. And we wanted our new brand mantra to channel that same spirit. After conversations with customers, past and present, we gained a better understanding of who we are to you. That inspiration helped us evolve Modernfold Chicago to the brand you see today.

With a play on “moveable walls,” this statement represents not only the products, but also the top-notch customer service we provide and the innovative solutions we offer for even the most unique situations. The people, product, and collaboration Modernfold Chicago provides to every customer is second to none – so much that the experience will move you!

An Updated Look with Audience Appeal


We wanted our updated look to appeal to our audience and visually showcase the features and benefits of working with Modernfold Chicago.

Our new logo design can be summed up in three words: simple, direct and memorable. It quickly communicates the core concept of the products Modernfold Chicago supplies, operable walls built from panels. The color scheme is reminiscent of mid-century design and its form follows function, sleekness, and modernity. The logo’s forward slant communicates the motion of operable walls while also representing the forward thinking and innovative approach to design solutions you receive when working with Modernfold Chicago.

Multiple surfaces including frosted glass, and textured fabric have been incorporated into the mark to visually represent the product.

New Look, But the Same Familiar Feel

Our brand may have received a refresh to capture the knowledge, insights, and solutions we provide, but we’re still the same products, people, and collaboration you’ve come to depend on.

If you’re ready to learn more about Modernfold Chicago or want to collaborate, contact our experts.